About Us

    RoofTech Consulting, Inc. was chartered in 2001 in response to a growing need in the roofing & construction industries. Over the next decade we grew our product offerings to include infrared thermography, FM 1-52 Uplift Testing, ASTM Flood Testing, and Electronic Leak Detection (ELD). In 2015 we formally expanded our services to provide recommendations and scopes of work for exterior walls and waterproofing installation. As the roofing & waterproofing industries continue to evolve RoofTech Consulting, Inc. will assess the landscape and continue to grow and adapt to be an industry leader in roofing & waterproofing consulting.
    RoofTech Consulting, Inc. staff are impassioned to continue furthering their industry knowledge so that our clients always receive the highest level of information, recommendations, and services.
    RoofTech Consulting Inc. is an independent “third party” consulting group licensed and insured, with no ties, agreements or other collusive interests. Project protocols shall conform to the guidelines of the Roof Consultant’s Institute, Manual of Practice and Standards for Ethical Practice, to help provide objectivity, and professionalism.
    • Active member of the RCI, Inc. abiding to the Roof Consultants Code of Ethics and Manual of Practice
    • Registered Exterior Wall Observers (REWO) accredited by RCI, Inc.
    • Registered Roof Observers (RRO) accredited by the RCI, Inc.
    • Certified Level I Thermographer
    • Certified staff by the Tile Roofing Institute (TRI)