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It’s finally here!

After a very dry summer we are beginning to see more precipitation.  With this rain come lower temperatures and eventually the freeze/thaw cycle.  This cycle of freezing and thawing can cause minor issues to rapidly worsen.  Regardless if you own your building or manage the facilities of others, now is the time to take advantage of this dry, warmer weather and schedule your winter roof evaluations.

It may be as simple as removing rooftop debris, applying a few patches, or clearing roof drains.  A roof evaluation performed now will cost only a portion of what emergency repairs may cost once ice and snow have accumulated.  Rooftop issues that are found and corrected now will save you the cost and inconvenience of bigger issues.

What we do…..

In response to a growing need in the roofing industry , RoofTech Consulting Inc. was chartered in June of 2001.  RoofTech is an authentic “third party” independent roof consulting firm in compliance with the Code of Ethical Practice ratified by the Roof Consultants Institute.  RoofTech provides a full range of roof consulting, testing, roof planning, and roof management services to facility managers and Professional Consulting, Architectural, and Engineering firms.
We specialize in infrared moisture scans, annual roof evaluations, preparing reroof project specifications, and reroof project management.

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Project Consultant
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