Workshop for the Installation of Air & Vapor Barriers

Winter if fast approaching those of us that live in the Midwest.  With the changing weather comes new seasonal issues for the construction industry.  Specifically, exterior components such as waterproofing of building walls and roofs.  Colder weather changes how construction materials react, perform, and how they should be installed.  These seasonal effects in addition to recent code changes, are resulting in a stronger focus for monitoring the installation of waterproofing components.  As a result we are seeing an increase in firms performing quality assurance inspections during the installation of these components.  Corrective action for improperly installed components is much less intrusive and far less expensive if completed before the installation of cladding or backfilling of dirt.


As a result of this initiative and the recent code changes The St. Louis Building Enclosure Council is offering a workshop next week.  The details and registration flyer is below for your review.  Register yourself or forward to anyone that might benefit from this event.

Masonry Institute
In addition to assisting with roofing, our firm can also help with performing quality assurance of air & vapor barriers. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your next project.
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Project Consultant
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