Cold Weather Related Roof Damage Explanation

With the recent colder weather you are likely experiencing an increase in roof leaks.  We would like to offer a brief explanation for this recent uptick in roof issues.
After a very mild winter we are now receiving extremely low temperatures, ice, and an increase in  precipitation.  These weather changes result in a more active freeze/thaw cycle.  Freezing and thawing results in the expansion and contraction of exposed roof components.  The colder the weather, the more potential for extreme contraction.  This continued and extreme movement can ultimately lead to cracks, splits, and seam failure.  Each roof system will react differently to movement based on roof design, roof type, and roof age.  Unmaintained and aging roofs will commonly experience the most severe damage.  Repairs may be as simple as applying a few patches, overlaying seams, or clearing roof drains.  In some cases this continued movement can result in systemic failure, ultimately requiring roof replacement.


It is our recommendation to continue to make leak repairs immediately once a leak is identified.  Some leaks may return or become ongoing based on the remaining winter weather.  Once weather permits, a formal roof inspection is recommended to further investigate the condition of your roof.  We recommend that your roof inspection be completed by a firm accredited by the Roof Consultants Institute (RCI).  RCI professional members adhere to a strict ethics code that offers unprejudiced service without affiliation with any product or manufacturer.  Utilizing a firm affiliated with the RCI ensures that you receive the best possible information to help you make the most informed decision.  More importantly, the inspector is not interested in the revenue generated from completing roof repairs or replacement.
We hope you find this information helpful.  Contact us if you have any questions, if you would like to schedule spring roof inspections, or to discuss other technical services that we offer.

Cale Prokopf, RRO
Project Consultant
(314) 687-5687