Simple Advice for Budgeting

Like you, our workload changes with the seasons. As winter arrives our focus begins to transition from performing roof inspections & other fieldwork to designing roof replacements for the upcoming year. Early during this process we often see that a budget is secured, but the amount is incorrect.  This is often the result of reused budgets that do not take into account the individuality and specifics of each building.

We are currently designing projects that range in cost from $3.50 / sf to $3 8 .00 / sf.  There is a reason for this spread.  Of the available 250,000+ roof component options, only a few may actually be suitable for your particular building.   Project costs will vary based on building type, local code requirements, contractor selection, roof type, etc. All these factors must be accounted for when designing and budgeting the new roof assembly. Not all systems are created equal and each system has its strengths and weaknesses.  There is no “perfect” system for all applications.

No one wants to go “back to the well” to request additional funding after a budget has been established.  Because of this we recommend preparing specific budgets for each project.  In the case that an insufficient budget has been set, it is recommended to delay the project until appropriate funding can be allocated versus “value engineering” the roof design. As always, we are here to help if you have any questions or want to discuss your 2017 budgets.

Cale Prokopf
Project Consultant
RoofTech Consulting, Inc.