What’s a Building Envelope Consultant?

Have you heard the term “Building Envelope Consultant”? It is used to describe staff like ours that have expanded beyond roofs and into the exterior building envelope. This expansion of services is the result of an under served market and extensive new building performance & code requirements. In 2017  Carl A. Hargrove, AIA published a great article in  Facility Executive Magazine Online  that explains in great detail when to utilize and what to expect from a Building Envelope Consultant. The following is an exert from his article.

“With today’s strict energy conservation codes and increasingly complex facade and roof systems, many new construction projects involve the services of a building envelope design professional. This also applies to expansions and adaptive reuse. Making the best use of that consultant’s services is important not only to the bottom line of the project, but to the energy efficiency, code compliance, sustainability, integrity, and longevity of the building. When should a building envelope consultant get involved?  What services should he or she be expected to provide?  How does the consultant’s role differ from that of the architect of record? What, exactly, does a building envelope consultant do?”
Click here to read the entire article.

I hope you find this informative and helpful. Contact me to discuss how we can assist with your exterior building envelope assessments, troubleshooting, design of repair/refurbishment scopes, testing, etc.

Cale Prokopf, RRO
Project Consultant
RoofTech Consutling, Inc.