Navigating Wall Refurbishment/Coating Options

Over the past few years we have witnessed a vast growth in inquiries from our clients regarding exterior wall coatings and sealers as part of the building envelope refurbishment/maintenance process. At the core, installing a coating or sealer to an exterior facade is a seemingly simple process. However, as we have become more involved we have observed how the lack of properly addressing pre-existing conditions prior to the installation of a coating or sealer can have a direct effect on the end product and its overall performance. Installation of these products will not correct improperly installed through-wall flashings, tuckpointing issues, or deteriorated sealant. Proper assessment of your building and professional development of a scope of work can avoid wasting time and money.

Kenneth A. Trimber recently penned an article in Durability and Design magazine that brings light to the importance of addressing pre-existing conditions prior installation of any coating or painting system. Click here to view full article.

I hope you find this informative and helpful. Contact me to discuss how we can assist with your exterior building envelope assessments, troubleshooting, design of repair/refurbishment scopes, testing, etc.
Cale Prokopf, RRO
Project Consultant
Scott Herman, RRO
Project Consultant