Best Practices in Building Maintenance

Best Practices in Building Maintenance

A Guide for Property Management & Owners

As a property manager or owner, maintaining the roof and wall systems of your building is critical. Not only does it protect the structure and its potential occupants, but it also greatly impacts the value of the property. Thus, it’s difficult to overstate the importance of understanding and implementing best practices in roof maintenance. Here are some measures you can take to ensure the longevity and performance of your building components.

Effective roof maintenance involves a series of strategic steps:

Engage a Building Enclosure Consultant: Before reaching out to a roofing contractor, consider hiring a third-party building enclosure consultant. A consultant with no ties will provide accurate, unbiased information without trying to sell you a product or service. They act as your advocate, ensuring that all aspects of the project are appropriately addressed. Often, those performing the work may overlook small details that can snowball into significant issues down the line. An independent consultant has the expertise and proper equipment to ensure such issues are detected and corrected early.

Schedule Annual Physical Inspections: Regular inspections are key to preventive maintenance. Ideally, inspections should be conducted every 12 months to check the condition of roofs and/or exterior wall systems, identify potential concerns, determine necessary maintenance, and estimate life expectancy. This should include a thorough Failure Investigation. Your consultant should investigate any premature failures due to factors such as storm damage, improper installation, or faults in the material used.

RoofTech Consulting uses advanced techniques for investigation including Infrared Roof Moisture Surveys, Exterior Building Envelope Thermography, Electronic Leak Detection (ELD), or Electronic Field Vector Mapping (EFVM), along with ASTM AND AAMA TESTING. We also provide a detailed report of findings, site plans, and photos to assist with continued maintenance and budgeting. Our aim is to help you extract the longest possible life expectancy from each building component.

Address Repairs Immediately: Never overlook what may be perceived as minor issues. What may seem to be insignificant today could escalate into a more complex and expensive problem tomorrow. Make sure to address all identified problems as soon as possible.

If repairs are required, RoofTech offers Project and Scope Development. Having a consultant onsite ensures tasks are completed to the highest standard. We design and develop roof and wall systems that address all your performance needs. This includes onsite data collection and preparation of a comprehensive three-part set of bidding documents, including specifications, drawings, and details.

Maintaining your property’s roof and wall systems goes beyond just routine inspections. It requires strategic planning, immediate action on repairs, and the expert guidance of a building enclosure consultant. With assistance from RoofTech Consulting Inc., a 20-year industry veteran, property managers and owners can be confident in the longevity and performance of their roofing systems. If you ensure to follow these best practices with your maintenance plan, you can safeguard your property’s future.