Roof & Exterior Wall

Annual Roof & Exterior Wall Inspection Services

RoofTech Consultants will perform a physical inspection of roofs and/or exterior wall systems to assess current condition, concerns, maintenance items, and life expectancy. We will also publish a report of findings, site plans, and photos to assist with the continued maintenance and budgeting to gain the longest possible life expectancy from each building component.

Failure Investigation

We will investigate premature system failures due to storm damage, improper installation, and/or material failure.

Project and Scope Development

Design and develop a roof or wall system to ensure that all criteria have been addressed to offer the best performance for the client’s needs. This includes onsite data collection and preparation of a full three-part set of bidding documents including specifications, drawings, and details.

Bid Review: We will carefully review and evaluate all estimates to ensure all of the project specifics have been addressed and included.

Submittal Review: We will review all product data, samples, and shop drawings to verify that the correct products will be used on the project.

Pre-Construction Meeting: Our consultant will establish a meeting between the designer, client, and installer to discuss all details and the sequence of events related to an installation project. 

Quality Control Site Visits: Routine visual inspection and documentation of the work site throughout the construction process will be performed to ensure high standards are maintained during the entire construction process.

Final Close-Out Inspections: Perform an onsite review and investigation of the substantially completed project.

Litigation Assistance

Designing and properly installing a  roof or wall system is a complex process. Unfortunately, it is common for mistakes to occur. If you need help creating or defending your case, we can assist. Our experts can help investigate the case and provide options for rectification. We can do this by: Historical analysis, code compliancy, failure analysis, forensic investigation, certified testing, litigation, arbitration, and expert testimony.

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