Forensic Testing Services

Infrared Roof Moisture Surveys

We utilize the use of infrared photography and other non-invasive moisture detection equipment to assist in pinpointing areas of wet insulation within low-slope roof systems.

Exterior Building Envelope Thermography

With the use of infrared thermography, our certified infrared camera operator will assist in assessing potentially abnormal heat levels, insulation deficiencies, and potential air leakage in the exterior building enclosure.

Electronic Leak Detection (ELD) or Electronic Field Vector Mapping (EFVM)

By using electrical current to test the integrity of roofing and waterproofing membranes, our electronic leak detection equipment will assist in locating pinholes, leaks and areas of weakness in non-conductive roofing membranes.

High Voltage Electronic Leak Detection: Enables testing on dry (no water present) roofing membranes.

Low Voltage Electronic Leak Detection: Enables testing on wet (water present) roofing membranes.


ASTM D 5957
Flood testing of a waterproofed substrate.

Roof attachment uplift testing determines the amount of negative pressure a specific roof system can withstand.

ASTM F 2170
This standard test method consists of drilling holes in newly poured concrete into which a relative humidity (RH} probe is placed to evaluate the necessary dryness of a concrete roof deck prior to installation of flooring or roof. 

AAMA 501.2
Quality assurance and diagnostic water leakage field check of installed storefront, curtain walls, and sloped glazing systems.

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