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The High Cost of Co-op Purchasing Agreements

Just recently another co-op purchasing agreement was called to task at Schuylkill County Area Vocational Tech School in Mar Lin, PA. The co-op agreement allowed approved firms to provide “all-in” pricing that would include material, installation, and design for multiple roof replacements. The “not-to-exceed” budget submitted to the school by their co-op approved roof manufacturer was $2.519 million. Instead of signing the contract a board member (David Frew) recommended they research alternative pricing. The committee researched their

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Visually Appealing Roof Design

Tinted Coating Design-2

What parts of a building come to mind when you think about aesthetic design? It’s most commonly the shape of the building, exterior wall treatment, interior decor, lighting, or landscaping. The one thing that never comes to mind…….the roof! For some people it may be time to change that ideology. During a recent trip I observed several roofs that offered very appealing aesthetics from higher elevations. These roofs utilized simple, inexpensive, and commonly used components

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Navigating Wall Refurbishment/Coating Options

Over the past few years we have witnessed a vast growth in inquiries from our clients regarding exterior wall coatings and sealers as part of the building envelope refurbishment/maintenance process. At the core, installing a coating or sealer to an exterior facade is a seemingly simple process. However, as we have become more involved we have observed how the lack of properly addressing pre-existing conditions prior to the installation of a coating or sealer can


RoofTech Consulting is currently one of the few firms performing electronic leak detection (ELD) in the Midwest. We have seen the need for ELD grow exponentially over the past couple of years. With this growth there is a lot of  uncertainty regarding the testing itself and when it can and cannot be performed. Peter Brooks recently published an article for RCI that helps to better explain the realities of what ELD can/cannot do. I have inserted an exert from that